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Steering Committee Meetings
Steering Committee Meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month.  
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Design Forum
The Design Forums were held on October 27th.  All the presentations and minutes from the forums have been loaded up on the website.  
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Sidewalk Photos
Thanks to Alicia Knadler for taking these pictures of the sidewalks in Downtown Greenville.  
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Final Report
The final report has been reviewed and accepted.  Thanks to everyone for you hard work.  You can see the final report at the link on the left, or follow this link.  
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What is the Greenville Revitalization and Streetscape Project?

Dear Friends:

We are pleased to let you know about a community effort taking shape called the Greenville Streetscape & Revitalization Project.

Why? Many of us want to make a difference in our community but need help coordinating our plans with larger efforts. In other words, why repair the sidewalk when it will be broken up again in 3 years to underground utilities? Well-maintained streets & sidewalks, attractive buildings, and green spaces are all important to the economic health of a community. 

What? Very simply, the project is intended to pull together infrastructure (roads, sidewalks, etc.) and beautification (building facades, green spaces, etc.) needs and ideas that agencies, local businesses and members of the community have identified in the last decade (or more) and present them in a logical & easy to understand way so that all parties can move ahead together more effectively using comprehensive maps and business planning information such as: priorities & timelines, recommended steps, maintenance plans, cost estimates, financing alternatives, and partner responsibilities.
Who? Thankfully, Plumas Corporation helped us get a small grant to hire a talented architectural design team to assist us with pulling together all the information and making sense of it.  Read more about that on the back of this note. The US are various business owners, representatives of many community organizations, and agency partners among others.

How? Come to brainstorming sessions if you have an idea and/or talent to share, or review material on the internet at the address above and comment there (the folks at the library can help). Soon, some information will be posted at the Civic Center and a drop box will be provided for comments. Helpful feedback (see back of this note) includes a short description of the problem and a potential solution. Pictures are always useful.

When? For the next several months, we will be meeting twice a month on the second and fourth Mondays from 6:30-8:30 at the Civic Center on Main Street.

We hope you are interested; please join us!
--The Greenville Streetscape & Revitalization Steering Committee

Integrated Infrastructures

We are Eleanor and Tony Palmisano, the partners of Integrated Infrastructures. We have been visiting Indian Valley for the last three years, providing pro bono (free) services for several community organizations regarding building restoration and energy efficiency. During this time we have come to love Greenville and the people that live here because of the sense of community.

Our firm specializes in community architecture and sustainable design.  We believe partnering with the community brings to life the vision the community has for itself . We provide the technical expertise to the project while the Greenville community provides the soul or spirit.  It is this combination of soul and expertise that creates meaningful projects.

As we began work on the Greenville Streetscape & Revitalization Plan, it became clear that many community members had done a lot of hard work with previous planning efforts. They brought their expertise and planning documents to us so we can avoid duplicating work. This in turn insures a much more comprehensive plan while further leveraging Greenville's network of resources with the services we are able to provide.

We understand there will be challenges in the implementation of the Greenville Streetscape & Revitalization Plan. We also know Greenville has much to preserve and sustain.  Your input is a critical asset to this work; we look forward to working with you.
-- Eleanor and Tony

Feedback Ideas

Roads, Trails, and Pedestrian Safety   
(Remember ADA)               
Bike & walking paths

Landscaping / Building Appearance
Garbage & Recycling
Info Kiosks
Facade Improvements
Green Space
Open Space
Grant & Funding Sources
(Don't forget maintenance)


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